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Phasmer's Takeover (Images and Skillsets)
Read original post for more information:


[Image: attachment.php?thumbnail=836]

Empress Fela-Alshin, abilities: Minor Heal, Mass heal, Murderous Reputation

[Image: attachment.php?thumbnail=1643]

(Summonable via researchers)Revenant Thresher , abilities: Infernal Slash, Obsession, Grand Sortie

[Image: attachment.php?thumbnail=621]

Mistress Blackheart, abilities: Parasitic Spores, Darkness Unending, Entropy

[Image: attachment.php?thumbnail=784]

The Baronet, abilities: Heartpiercer, Flamespark, Channel Mana


[Image: attachment.php?thumbnail=1409]

Madding Wind Commander, abilities: Frozen venom, Varra's Arrow, Mana Burst 5

[Image: attachment.php?thumbnail=1472]

Brass Skull, abilities: Noxious Cloud, Burning Chant, Empowering Chant

[Image: attachment.php?thumbnail=1205]

The Abomination, abilities: Primal Blow, Abyssal Invocation, Siphon Life

[Image: attachment.php?thumbnail=1500]

Rhea the Protector, abilities: Frozen Venom, Dual Shot, Channel Mana

[Image: attachment.php?thumbnail=1383]

The Key Wielder, abilities: Spirit Blade, Demoralizing Roar, Channel Mana

[Image: attachment.php?thumbnail=1309]

Servitor Carver, abilities: Spirit Blade, Pickpocket, Demoralizing Roar

[Image: attachment.php?thumbnail=1401]

Darkrealm Commodore, abilities: Primal Blow, Void Strike, Lost Art

[Image: attachment.php?thumbnail=1476]

Mila Leafshot, abilities: Void Arrow, Entropic Arrow, Mana Burst

[Image: attachment.php?thumbnail=1508]

Warglaive Defender, abilities: Blessed Defense 5, Primal Ward, Hellfyre Strike

[Image: attachment.php?thumbnail=1365]

Kabuki Ronin, abilities: Primal Blow, Burning Chant, Mana Infusion

[Image: attachment.php?thumbnail=1403]

Chosen Humanoid, abilities: Flowing Cut, Infernal Slash, Mana Infusion


[Image: attachment.php?thumbnail=1483]

Valerie the Valkyrie, abilities: Void Strike, Hellfyre Strike, Haste 5

[Image: attachment.php?thumbnail=1420]

Liashi Watchers, abilities: Infernal Slash, Steal Spirit, Haste 5

[Image: attachment.php?thumbnail=1374]

Servitor Archer, abilities: Void Arrow, Dual Shot 5, Barbed Arrow 4

[Image: attachment.php?thumbnail=1261]

The Mummy, abilities: Deep Slash, Lunar Strike, Demoralizing Cry

[Image: attachment.php?thumbnail=1310]

Duskweald Fighter, abilities: Infernal Slash, Steal Spirit, Demoralizing Roar

[Image: attachment.php?thumbnail=1406]

Spiderkin Clone, abilities: Blessed Defense, Lunar Invocation, Siphon Life

[Image: attachment.php?thumbnail=1501]

Doctor Elf Lor, abilities: Spirit Blade, Instant Toxin, Murderous Reputation

[Image: attachment.php?thumbnail=1394]

Ghost of the Fellmire, abilities: Conflagration, Siphon Life, Channel Mana

[Image: attachment.php?thumbnail=1517]

Satikai Vampire Bane, abilities: Void Strike, Fire Strike, Haste 5

[Image: attachment.php?thumbnail=1340]

The Dead Priest, abilities: Burning Chant, Cleave, Channel Mana

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