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Various Items - How to Use? Etc.
I have some items that have been sitting in my bag for a LONG time, and I have never come across anything in the game that allows me to use them. Does anyone happen to know:

1. Archon Fragment. Got this running the story dungeons. It says to research it to find out more, but Research doesn't give me the option. Can we get a use for this thing, or can we get it to go away?

2. Darkrealm Summon Stone. I won some of these in an event or something a very long time ago, and I have had 100 of them in my bag for ages. i never see an opportunity to get any more, and 100 isn't enough to do anything. How do i get more, or is there any reason to?

3. Resurrection Scrolls. Since these cap out at 100, I have been full for a very long time (both minor and major).  I continuously get new scrolls as chest prizes, but I actually get nothing since my inventory is full. Shouldn't there be a way to sell some of these off for gold so that we're not getting non-prizes constantly?

4. Potions. Same problem as Resurrection Scrolls. Capped out and getting extras for prizes that just vanish. If I could sell some of the ones I have, at least when I get more as prizes, it's not like I'm just getting nothing where I would otherwise be getting SOMEthing.

1. The Archon Fragment is guessed to have been planned to have a use back when JuiceBox created the game 6 years ago.
2. The pool for the Darkrealm Summon Stones is 4 years old so the heroes are outdated. We used to get these stones as guild prizes but these days we get the friendship runes instead that can help towards getting the Scarlet Grinner.
3+4. As you play a long time, you will notice more and more items that you just never use. 5+ years of playing I occasionally use a revive scroll or a major HP potion but that's about it. I think it's just the way of any game. New players still need them.
Makes sense.

I wonder if we could convince them to give us a way to cash in the Archon Fragment and the Darkrealm Summon Stones? Just to clear them, you know? Even if it's just for a little gold or something.

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