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Tips for new players
In connection with posting a very short guide to the game for the many new players we are seeing in the game, I am adding this post where we can all give tips to new players - what did you wish you had known when you started out?

Please keep it relevant and to the point. In this case I may remove posts that are deemed irrelevent.


I wish I had not spent my first 500 diamonds on a single rune but on a new researcher instead.

The best use for me of diamonds (with 3 accounts starting from scratch and close to 4 years of game play) has been: researchers, library space, Trial of Torment gear where it is possible to get mana necklaces and XP rings (levels heroes faster).


I wish I had focused on resource storage research and commander research more than I had. Its really hard when your commander is stuck at level 40 and all your researchers are full for over a day or you cant get enough gold to upgrade. To all the new folks, make sure you upgrade your gold vaults and ember storages periodically!


Do arena battles so you can get a new FREE mythic commander and not have to worry about researching for one. You can also get other stuff depending on what rank you are and you get strongboxes each week depending on what place you got and in them are some really good goodies. If you want to see the details about this there is a post about it.


When choosing your starting commander, go for the colour of base you like the best, not the actual commander. All five starting commanders have similar strength, and if you're even remotely successful you'll be changing them out at the first opportunity. Your base design, however, never changes and you're stuck with it.. forever. Go for the base design which pleases you the most, at least until the devs allow us to change backgrounds... *nudge* *beg*

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