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Open to requests / suggestions for art / abilities
(02-19-2024, 01:59 AM)Tagnis Wrote: Here are some of the ones I haven't seen in a while and abilities that would be fun:

- Maddening Wind Gaoler:
 - Primal Blow
 - Demoralizing Roar
 - Deadly Poison

- Gnomish Inventor:
 - Pickpocket
 - Garrote
 - Slow

- Cyclops Pagan:
 - Despair Of the Deep
 - Abyssal Invocation
 - Mana Burst
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These abilities sound like a diverse and intriguing mix for a fantasy game! The Maddening Wind Gaoler brings crowd control with Primal Blow and debuff potential with Demoralizing Roar and Deadly Poison. The Gnomish Inventor offers sneaky utility with Pickpocket and Garrote, along with a tactical advantage with Slow. Lastly, the Cyclops Pagan seems to bring a mix of dark magic with Despair of the Deep and Abyssal Invocation, along with burst potential with Mana Burst. Exciting combinations for sure.

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