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Arena season 4 wrapping up and season 4.5 starting soon
Hi HonorBound!

This is the last week of arena season 4. It means that after the week finishes on Monday, you will no longer be able to earn the season 4 threshold prizes.

NOTE - if you hit the top threshold this week, you will have 339,999,999 honor. You need to fight one more fight to hit 340 mill and claim The Avenger and you have to fight that fight in the following week.

Tuesday August 27th. everyone's honor will be reset to 0 in preparation for season 5 and to kick off the Season 4.5 event.

Season 4.5 will run from the time of the honor reset till the end of the arena week on Monday September 23rd. This will not affect the usual event schedule.

The leader board will be that of the Top Players under the Arena tab. There will be prizes for top 100 with the following prize tier:

#1-10: The Sword of Sorrow (commander), 500 dragon marks, 5x100% essence
#11-25: The Sword of Sorrow, 400 dragon marks, 1x100% essence
#26-50: Decimus (commander), 250 dragon marks, 5x10% essence
#51-75: 2000 emblems, 200 dragon marks
#76-100: 700 emblems, 100 dragon marks


The Sword of Sorrow (commander), abilities: Deep Slash, Primal Blow, Plasma Bolt


Decimus (commander), abilities: Infection, Thornshot, Desperate Measures
Expect honor reset and the start of the 4 week season 4.5 app 10 hours from now.
The 23rd is 10 days away. Are you guys going to wait to put up what's offered in season 5 when 4.5 ends? Or is that going to be released in the next few days? I'm kinda curious as to what kind of prizes I get to fight for.
Season 5 does not start immidiately after the short arena event ends.

As an example, example only, season 3 finished on Oct 22. and season 4 started on Jan 7.

The starting date for season 5 has not been announced yet. But the prizes for season 5 will be posted before the season kicks off.
Is this season 4.5 supposed to be wrapped up now? A little confused
Season 4.5 is over. But the prizes are not out yet. With these mini-events, like the HB Championship, it is Support that manually adds the prizes, usually starting from the top. I will post here as they work down through the tiers.

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