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Kindle/Amazon Fire issues
It has been reported to the devs that there are a number of issues with the Kindle / Amazon Fire version of the game. They are working on it. I don't have a timeline yet for fixes.
Latest information from the devs:

If you can't open the game on your Kindle / Amazon Fire device, the version you have is not the latest one.

Amazon does not automatically update an app in their app store (​)

The request from the developer is to ask the players with Kindle the following:

1) If you see the game in My Apps, please click to update it to make sure it is the latest build you install
2) If you can't find the game at all (some don't), please update your Amazon App Store.
Latest update:

The devs have been working with Amazon. Can players, who couldn't see the game in the app store, please try now and let me know how it goes?
Very latest update:

If your game wasn't running on Kindle, please download again and it should be working now.

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