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Raids tips
Level 150 Commander: Having a maxed commander is essential for survival. With increased life points and physical defense, you can endure multiple rounds of battle.

Physical Defensive Debuffs (2): Lowering the dragon's physical defense is key to maximizing damage from direct damage skills. This makes abilities like Void Arrow incredibly potent, dealing up to 100k damage per hit! Skills such as Spirit Blade and other direct damage skills are effective as well.

Direct Damage Skills: Utilize skills that directly target the dragon's lowered defense, such as Spirit Blade and Void Arrow, to deal substantial damage.

Raid Gear: Defeating the dragon rewards boxes containing Primalaxes or Terranaxes gear, which provide significant damage boosts to your heroes.

Mana Infusion: Equipping the guild mana infusion relic and having at least one mana infusion skill in your squad grants an additional 2 mana stacks after each morale.

Invocation: Each level of Invocation provides a 10% damage boost, meaning Invocation 4 grants a 40% damage increase.

Damage Over Time (DoT) Skills: Stack DoT skills like Primal Blow (or Brilliant Blow), Deadly Poison, and Necrotic Cut to continuously damage the dragon even after its turn ends.

Healing: Maintain your commander's health with heals like Siphon Life or Primal Infusion. Using both together is optimal, but having at least one is essential for survival.
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Good tips! I also want to add that having a hero with Pickpocket, or another stun move prolongs the raid. Enough time to get in as much damage as possible.
Great post thanks for the info!!
I would add that having siphon life in current raids is useless. Unless dragon goes for 400k damage straight in your face, any damage can be healed with primal infusion, which will allow for more mana to be spent on damage.
Also dots do a lot less damage compared to direct damage skills, that is if you have enough defense debuffs, which apparently dont affect dot damage.
And as mentioned above, pickpocket is a great thing to have in raids. Even though it only prevents one of the dragon's hits per turn, it can often be a life saver. Not sure about other stun abilities, mostly due to them being too rare.
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Honorbound lore says that JuiceBox made sure stun wasn’t working on dragons but that pickpocket was created after the dragons and they forgot to include that. So Pickpocket works but nothing else.

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