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Commander info: Revenant Thresher, Mora Daughter of None

There are four Commanders you can summon for 7k Summoning Emblems, but I can only find details online for two: The Primeval, and Guard Commander Praxtis. 

The other two listed are Revenant Thresher and Mora Daughter-of-None. But I can't find any details about either of them. Does anyone know what their abilities are? Their power? Anything at all?  Visuals would be nice -- I couldn't even find those for Praxtis. 

Thanks so much!
Just click on the icon in Research, Summon. Then click on it again and you will see a screen shot of the comm.
Nope. You go to Summoning, then you click on whichever of them you want to see, and all it does is pop open a window with the demand for your 7000 Summoning Emblems. It doesn't show you the Commander or give you any of their information. And I don't want to drop 7000 Emblems on any of them unless I know what they have for abilities.

I can find The Primeval on the Honorbound wiki, with a pic, and I can find Praxtis info, but no pic. And I can't even find Mora or Revenant Thresher on there at all. I was hoping SOMEONE would have info on these.
No, you can see them. But it isn't obvious.

Research / Summoning / Click on icon / click on icon again (the mask with horn above where it says 7000)
Ah! Ok, yeah. So not obvious that's clickable -- thank you!

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