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iPad Pro and iPhone X issue
After the client update to accomodate ios12, there is now a resolution issue with iPad Pro. I can't say if it is all models of iPad Pro but those who experience green bars top and bottom and limited access to some of the functions need a new client update to fix this. There is also still an issue with iPhone X and higher.
The problem has been reported. I have no time line.
Same problem on iPhone XS max on the last event with green bars in quest screen! I had to play on my iPad air (12.4.5)... Sad
Good morning Karin! 

Are there any news on the aforementioned client update? This screen bug is killing us newer iPhone / iPad owners!.. Please tell your techs  to give it first priority! 

Thank u in advance!
The last report I had is that they are trying to find ways to change the resolution without breaking the game code. Apparently not an easy task.

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