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  Tips for new players
Posted by: Karin - 04-30-2019, 07:50 PM - Forum: General - Replies (4)

In connection with posting a very short guide to the game for the many new players we are seeing in the game, I am adding this post where we can all give tips to new players - what did you wish you had known when you started out?

Please keep it relevant and to the point. In this case I may remove posts that are deemed irrelevent.


I wish I had not spent my first 500 diamonds on a single rune but on a new researcher instead.

The best use for me of diamonds (with 3 accounts starting from scratch and close to 4 years of game play) has been: researchers, library space, Trial of Torment gear where it is possible to get mana necklaces and XP rings (levels heroes faster).


I wish I had focused on resource storage research and commander research more than I had. Its really hard when your commander is stuck at level 40 and all your researchers are full for over a day or you cant get enough gold to upgrade. To all the new folks, make sure you upgrade your gold vaults and ember storages periodically!


Do arena battles so you can get a new FREE mythic commander and not have to worry about researching for one. You can also get other stuff depending on what rank you are and you get strongboxes each week depending on what place you got and in them are some really good goodies. If you want to see the details about this there is a post about it.


When choosing your starting commander, go for the colour of base you like the best, not the actual commander. All five starting commanders have similar strength, and if you're even remotely successful you'll be changing them out at the first opportunity. Your base design, however, never changes and you're stuck with it.. forever. Go for the base design which pleases you the most, at least until the devs allow us to change backgrounds... *nudge* *beg*

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  Welcome to HONORBOUND!
Posted by: admin - 04-30-2019, 07:48 PM - Forum: General - No Replies

Welcome to HonorBound!

As a new player, there is much to learn about the game. We have been trying to put together a few tips and recommendations for you.

  1. Keep an eye on the Updates and Announcement section of this forum to know what is going on in the game.

  2. Ask questions! We were all new to the game at one point or another.

  3. Always keep all researchers busy! There is a lot of research to go through to fully develop your account. Don't forget 'Classes'.

  4. Fight arena battles. You will get arena streaks that will help you with resources and as you grow, you will win weekly chests that has essence, ember gold or commander emblems.

  5. You can get a new commander by collection commander emblems (Research, Summon).

  6. Join a guild. Much of the attraction of this game lies in the guild communities. Join one to be able to fight the bi-monthly guild events and to be part of that community.

  7. Most guilds communicate in chat rooms with the LINE chat app. If you can, it is s good idea to download it and ask in your in-game guild chat how to get added to the chat rooms.

  8. Be active in events. Most guilds understand you can't score high as a new player but all will expect you to be active and you win most of the best heroes in events.

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  How to contact Support
Posted by: admin - 04-30-2019, 07:45 PM - Forum: Gameplay Strategies and Questions - No Replies

If you have issues with your game and need to contact Support, this is how:

1) In-game: arrow over to the left, the gear icon, 'Contact Us'
2) Website: honorboundgame.com/support
3) Email: support@honorboundgame.com

When you receive an automated reply with a ticket number, your ticket has been registered. 
Please make sure to include your exact game name in your ticket for faster process.
The automated reply has guidelines for how you can help speed up the process if your issue has to do waith a failed purchase. 
If you have problems logging in, be aware that both login and password is case-sensitive.

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  How Portal event works
Posted by: admin - 04-30-2019, 07:44 PM - Forum: Gameplay Strategies and Questions - No Replies

In the Portal event you have a series of three maps of growing difficulty but also growing score. You can run any of them. You run the maps to collect points (veilstones) and glyphs. There is also a Portal where the score is higher but you need to collect glyphs to earn a key for the Portal.

In some portal events gold boxes hold only veilstones and blue boxes can hold veilstones, glyphs for portal or runes. In other portal events, gold crates holds an event rune, blue crates glyphs. 

Glyphs are needed to get a key for the portal.

The Portal is a long map where the mobs give a higher veilstone count. You will want to wait as late as possible to run it to have the highest multi. One key gives you one run. 

In Guild Portal events, each player gets his own key that he can use to run the Portal once. The difficulty is about the same as map 2. 

The best map to run is map 3. The mobs give a lot more veilstones than the two lower maps and if the box after the boss has glyphs, there will be more than in map 1 or 2. You can choose between going straight for the boss or go down any of the three side paths. If you want to see what boxes are down the side paths before deciding which way to go you can click on Map.

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  How Guild Assault works
Posted by: admin - 04-30-2019, 07:43 PM - Forum: Gameplay Strategies and Questions - No Replies

Unlike Bounty and Portal, the Assault event is only found as guild event. The point of the event is for players in the guild to all help collect four different color keys. It takes a set of one key of each color to be able to open the Vault. In the Vault you find one single boss who is usually very hard to beat but gives a higher score.

The Vault can only be opened by an officer or the guild master. It stays open for 10 minutes only. This is unlike Portal events where each player can decide when to run. It requires a lot of coordination between officers and players to make sure the Vault can be opened as well as keys collected.  

Entering the event you will find yourself in an overview map with four possible routes, each its own colour. You must choose a colour and begin to run the progression of maps. 

Once you finish map 4, you have automatically picked up a key. You will not see this key, only as added in the overview of the main event map. Once you have finished map 4 and picked up the key, you cannot enter map 4 again until you have reset by facing the boss in the Vault. Until then you can keep running map 3 for points.

If you can't beat the boss and reset, you can still help your guild by repeating the maps for points.

You can choose a new path for free 12 hours after you started the previous one and get a new key. Before that, you can pay 700 diamonds to change path or face the boss in the Vault. 

Runes can be found in the crate at the end of either of the maps or behind the boss in the Vault. Runes are very rare! You will have to run it a lot to collect even 10 runes for a pull. The chances in the Vault are not any better. As always, the more you run the more you will find but the most runes are from the thresholds.

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  How Bounty event works
Posted by: admin - 04-30-2019, 10:23 AM - Forum: Gameplay Strategies and Questions - No Replies

Bounty Hunt is a series of maps where you can move around more freely than in the usual map. You chase a boss that has a bounty on its head. There is a timer and you can only stay in the map until the timer runs out. You get more time when using event heroes. You get a free key every two hours. If you want to enter more often than every two hours, you can buy an additional key for 50 diamonds. 

It can be confusing at first until you learn how to best move around the maps and where to look for chests, hour glasses that gives you more time, and the bosses. 

With Bounty, I go for chests first to get event runes. Unless the boss gives a huge amount of points, I don't bother trying to tackle him/her until I have a good event squad. Or, if I want to try, I do it as the last thing in the map so I don't waste revives but can just 'accept defeat'.

In Bounty I go to the edge of the map straight away and usually go the same way around to help memorize where the chests are and where the boss spawns. If I'm after points and have diamonds to spare for keys, I kill only the highest scoring mob plus the boss (if I can). If I'm not chasing points or am out of diamonds, I kill the two highest level mobs. If you have lots of diamonds, you can kill only the boss and keep buying new keys.

If you specifically want the boss, killing a mob will give you a compas with the direction of the boss.

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  How to evolve a 3* mythic!
Posted by: admin - 04-30-2019, 10:21 AM - Forum: Gameplay Strategies and Questions - No Replies

It works like this:

One 1* mythic hero + one 1* mythic hero = one 2* mythic hero - no surprises, but...

One 2* mythic hero + one 2* mythic hero = one 3* mythic hero
one 2* mythic hero + one 1* mythic slime = one 3* mythic hero.

NOTE: if you have two heroes and one slime, you must use the slime for the final evolve or you won't get a 3* mythic out of it!

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  Where to find raid seals
Posted by: admin - 04-30-2019, 10:16 AM - Forum: Gameplay Strategies and Questions - No Replies

Seals can be found by defeating bosses and mini bosses in the following areas:

  • Mission: The Forgotten Gods, Area 7: The Court of Ruin (Recommended Level: 91-93)

  • Mission: Reign of Silence, Area 7: Derrick the Silent (Recommended Level: 94-96)

  • Mission: What Once Was Lost, Area 7: Old Hatreds (Recommended Level: 100)

  • Mission: Cataclysm, Area 3: Awakening (Recommended Level: 100)
will be helpful for more info.

The bosses / mini bosses do not always drop raid seals. It is random. When they do, they drop 3 raid seals. 

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  The evolution guide (slimes included)
Posted by: Karin - 04-30-2019, 10:07 AM - Forum: Gameplay Strategies and Questions - Replies (16)


There are several ways to evolve heroes/cards for max stats. Most takes a lot of the same hero (or slimes) as well as a lot of resources and as only 5% of the extra stat carries over to next evolution, this guide will look at only the final evolution step. 

There are two evolution methods mostly used in the game:

1) Quick and dirty. You do the final evolve with both cards at lvl 1. You won't get the highest possible power level or the very best stats but often you won't notice the difference and it will save you a lot of resources.

2) 'Perfect' evolve. You take the last two cards to lvl 100 before evolving. This will give you the best possible stats. 

It is possible to evolve earlier steps at lvl 100 but this is what you gain:

  • 1* + 1* = 0.000125 = 0.0125% of these stats are carried over to your final hero

  • 2* + 1* = 0.0025 = 0.25%

  • 3* + 1* = 0.05 = 5.0%
It is not worth it to evolve at levels higher than 1 if you are not going to take both cards to lvl 100 for the final evolve. 
If you are going for a Perfect Evolve, both cards have to be lvl 100. If one is lvl 1 and the other lvl 100, you lose all the stats gain. You don't gain anything in stats by maxing Attributes.


A slime is like a joker in a card game. It can substitute any hero (with matching affinity) so you use it when you run out of same kind heroes for your evolves. 

Slimes evolve this way: 
Two 4* epic slimes will get you one 1* legendary slime
Two 4* legendary slimes will get you one 1* mythic slime

Slimes have to match affinity to be evolved - both with other slimes and the card. As described above, you want to take both the hero and the slime to lvl 100 for the final evolve if you want the best stats. 

Exception: Perfect Slimes makes a Perfect Evolve at lvl 1 (both hero and perfect slime at lvl 1)

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  iPad Pro and iPhone X issue
Posted by: Karin - 04-29-2019, 10:37 AM - Forum: Bugs and Issues - Replies (3)

After the client update to accomodate ios12, there is now a resolution issue with iPad Pro. I can't say if it is all models of iPad Pro but those who experience green bars top and bottom and limited access to some of the functions need a new client update to fix this. There is also still an issue with iPhone X and higher.
The problem has been reported. I have no time line.

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