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Arena Season 9
Arena Season 9 kicks off on May 15th. This means that when that week finishes we will get honor bonus again, working towards the threshold prizes for season 9.

Arena Season 9 finishes when arena week finishes on January 15th. A week after that, honor and ranks will be reset in preparation for season 10.

You receive a weekly honor bonus based on your result for that week. There is a limit to how many ranks you can move up pr week. As you move up in rank, you will earn emblems, gear, heroes and commanders.

Vengeful GladiatorDerrick the Ascended340 M
High WarlordThe Ancient240 M
WarlordYxol-Yugol169 M
Veteran CommanderRejuvenating Signet118 M
CommanderHaven Mystic82 M
Veteran CenturionAlshin Assassin62 M
CenturionCommander Summoning Emblem x100051 M
Veteran LegionnaireChosen Extractor41 M
LegionnaireLegendary Ring of the Beast32 M
Veteran GuardCharm of Contained Flame25 M
Guard100% essence x 220 M
Veteran GruntCommander Summoning Emblem x30015 M
GruntEnchanted Costume Jewelry10 M
BrawlerDragon Marks x 1005 M
ScrapperCommander Summoning Emblem x2001 M

Screen shots of the new commanders and heroes are posted below.

The arena week finishes each Monday (see time in game) and the prizes are paid out on Tuesday.

1st10,000x Diamonds2x Gold Strongbox
2nd5,000 Diamonds2x Gold Strongbox
3rd3,000 Diamonds2x Gold Strongbox
4th-10th2,000 Diamonds2x Gold Strongbox
11th - 20th1,000 Diamonds1x Gold Strongbox, 2x Silver Strongbox
21st - 32nd1x Gold Strongbox2x Silver Strongbox
33rd - 100th2x Silver Strongbox1x Bronze Strongbox
101st - 500th1x Silver Strongbox2x Bronze Stronbox
501st - 1000th3x Bronze Strongbox
1001st - 2000th2x Bronze Strongbox
2001st - 3000th1x Bronze Strongbox

Ranking heroes:


Alshin Assassin, abilities: Spirit Blade, Steal Spirit, Haste 5


Haven Mystic, abilities: Mass Regen, Mass Heal, Mana Burst 5


Yxol-Yugol, abilities: Dark Shot, Entropic Arrow, Despair of the Deep


The Ancient, abilities: Brilliant Blow, Burning Chant, Mana Infusion



Chosen Extractor, abilities: Deep Slash, Steal Spirit, Channel Mana


Derrick the Ascended, abilities: Infernal Slash, Mana Infusion, Haste 5
Who came up with these rewards? Aside from Yogul, there isn't a monster we could call decent. That Dragon type is such a rip-off of an already existing monster. There is still time to change this and save the day a little bit.

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