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Heroes with Capture ability
Hello there!

Sooner or later you have to switch your commander for stronger one. Quz Epic to weak, and your comm might be on-shoted by ledendary or mithic event boss.

So I'd like to switch, but I don't want to loose Capture ability. 
Wikia tells about Iselde the Lionheart and Lord Xes with Capture, but wikia is very old and may be there are other.

And there is the question: which comms or heroes has that ability, and where I can get them?))

p.s. sry for my english)
No one has requested commanders with capture abilities in a very long time. I think Lord of the Pirates is the last one we've seen. Nor has there been any heroes in a long time. I'll send a request for a hero with Capture. Why not? :-)

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