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All Stars 2020!
One time only! Though the two new heroes, The Huntress and Nolan the Overseer, will get their own pack.

The Huntress, NEW mythic
Alshin Jibakurei, mythic
Raenius the Contender, mythic
Raeka the Destroyer, mythic
The Lady of the Moon, mythic
Oracle of Destruction, mythic
The Demon Steed, mythic
The Ghost Commander, mythic
Fingrim the Furious, mythic
The Bone Collector, mythic
Enyo the Destructor, mythic
The Bug-Eyed, mythic
Queen of the Vampires, mythic

Nolan the Overseer, NEW legendary
Highlander Protector, legendary
Roth'mog the Vain, legendary
Fellmire Elf Sniper, legendary
Teresa the Bodacious, legendary
The Cleaver, legendary
Bandit Deputy, legendary
Servitor Fighter, legendary
Mathilda of Haven, legendary

Packs are 10% off in the web shop,


The Huntress, abilities: Frozen Venom, Abyssal Invocation, Mana Burst 5


Nolan the Overseer, abilities: Noxious Cloud, Terra Ward, Mana Burst
By popular demand, this pack will be up a second and, now, final time between the finish of the guild event today and the start of the solo event on Thursday.

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