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Prizes for the 4 day Guild Bounty!
Hi Honorbound!

Please meet:


The Head of Veknor, abilities: Noxious Cloud, Instant Toxin, Mana Burst


The Heart of Veknor, abilities: Blessed Defense 5, Channel Mana, Demoralizing Roar


The Claws of Veknor, abilities: Minor Heal, Invocation of Terra, Primal Infusion


The Maid, abilities: Blessed Defense 5, Heartpiercer, Aegis Stance

There are mysterious prize boxes for top 6 (4/2/1).

Packs are 10% off in the web shop,
Is support down or something??? Sent in ticket for help an no reply been almost a day. Need help with threshold heros. Collected two at a time giving issues with heart an claws character.
Former-Officer of Adult $in & Relentless. ( Leader of Revenants )
Support is not manned 24/7. You usually get an initial reply within 24 hours. If you still didn't get a reply to your ticket and it's been more than a day and it's urgent, please contact me on LINE (Nuller / Karin) or in a personal message here with the ticket number and I'll follow up.

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