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Remove “stacking” from Burning Chant
So I know a number of toons have > 215 library space, because they bought it before the limit was put in, and there doesn't seem to be a big issue with performance there. I don't think increasing it to 255 would break the bank for example. The main issue with the 215 limit now is the slimes (which were introduced after the limit) and event hero summons.

It is easy to have minimum 4-5 of each color of slime at each rarity unless you really micromanage it or decide to not have slimes ready for evolving event heroes in events. 4-5 * 5 colors * blue and orange rarities is 45+ spots taken up by slimes low level slimes, much less those in top 3 guilds that might have 60+ mythic slimes at a time, given the dearth of good reward heroes to spend them on.

Maybe just don't count slimes towards the limit?

Though the issue in fact comes up most frequently when needing to use a lot of event runes to summon event heroes. Another or complimentary option would be to not count event heroes towards the limit while they are event heroes and have the special event hero badge on event they would count towards the limit and would need to be disposed of to open up slots for non-event related captures/summons.

As far as burn chant goes...meh? In what scenario is it a problem? The occasional 'pvp' battle where you don't pay attention and pick the wrong option from the 3 opponents, and you don't have primal infusion? Basically the lucky burn chant stack is the only thing that makes opponents in pvp any kind of challenge. Just keep in mind that if you do take away burn chant you might have people do what they used to do, and have 4 knights with wards and siphon life heals and the commander with wards and make the battles last 10 minutes each if you can even beat them.

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